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The best audio communication app

for gamer's performance & teamplay

Performance-oriented features
Ultra-pure audio quality
Ultra-low audio latency

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Performance you deserve

Ultra-pure audio quality

True HD audio, bringing amazing comfort and clear, identifiable voice of your teammates. Reduce your cognitive fatigue and increase your performance!

Ultra-low audio latency

The best end to end audio latency on the market. “Don’t be late”, increase your coordination efficiency. Bring natural speed audio in your digital world.

Serverless and safe

Direct audio communication between crew members! Enjoy an ultra secure collaboration in your team without processing nor snooping.

Performance-oriented features

Performance-oriented features defined by and for pro players. The application allows you to easily manage your teams, analyse your gameplay and communication.


Available on every platform you want.

And many more ...

Expect more fun, innovative surprises!



eLS J0hn - Manager CS:GO (Winner Swisscom Hero League 2022) “The importance of communication is paramount, even vital in the game. Without it, nothing can be done properly. It must be calm and precise in a few words without taking the sound of the game from the other players. A team that is stronger on paper can easily lose a game against a team that has a good communication.”

Karen LO PINTO - Head of Gaming Campus Business School “We are happy to announce our partnership with SONIX, We believe that SONIX will strongly impact gamers community. A lot of our students are very motivated to contribute to its success”

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Sonix is a free and ultra-simple application in which you can:

  • Create and manage crews.

  • Communicate with your mates before, during and after your games.

  • Customize your experience with graphical skins, innovative sound features, specific performance tools.

After successful live test, Sonix is still under development, and will be soon available in Beta.

You now have the opportunity to participate to its success by being pioneer, beta member or both!

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Register to our beta and get great benefits:

  • Get a chance to be selected for the private beta
  • Access to private forum to discuss around sonix
  • Impact the feature set of decisions

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Sonix offers for free the best audio performance and confort ever! The app will have also a shop in which you will find extraordinary items

  • Great specific graphic design for your prefered look and feel
  • Innovative audio features to personalize your audio and your voice
  • Specific performance boost for professionals and much more...

We double your purchase

  • 10€ now = 20€ to be spent on the application shop
  • Badge PIONEER, for life

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About us

Sonix is managed by 4 Swiss entrepreneurs, involving tech experts and business experts based in Europe and the USA.

Sonix has chosen powerful investors to support its growth and become the leader in audio communication over the internet. Our technology has already been demonstrated to pro gamers and will soon be available.

Stay tuned!

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